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HELP Modules for Health Professionals

HELP is an EU project that has designed, developed and produced four training resources (Modules) for the purposes of Continued Medical Education (CME) of health professionals within Europe.

Available free, and in six languages, the Modules have been developed for healthcare professionals who have an interest in delivering best practice in the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease. They provide easy access to up-to-date information based on national and EU recommendations. They include useful strategies and tools for health professionals to promote these important topics in primary care with their patients. These Modules are also available for use by Training Providers involved in the professional development of health professionals within Europe.

What are the HELP modules?

There are four Modules that have information regarding the topic and its relevance to health for patients. The four Modules are:

Physical Activity    Healthy Eating    Behaviour Change    Heart Rate

There is also Patient Material available on three Modules - Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and Behaviour Change - which can be downloaded or printed and given to patients.

Why should I undertake the HELP modules?

The HELP modules will provide health professionals with update information on important issues in cardiovascular disease which have a direct impact on patient care. Health professionals who complete the modules will also gain insight and practical skills for dealing with the challenging but essential issue of encouraging healthy lifestyles and behaviours. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to undertake a multiple choice exam and receive a certificate that you have completed the module in the final section.